Call of Juarez (XBox 360) Review

The guys at ZTGD take a closer look at Techland and Ubi-Soft's newest wild-west shooter for the XBox 360. Find out if it's worth your pesos in their full review of Call of Juarez for the XBox 360.

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Eclipticus4745d ago

Gun was a great game. hopefully this one is good. This might as well be the next one i pick up. the switching characters sounds good, an interesting way to tell a story. hopefully more devs implement this.

Rhezin4745d ago

I never played gun but I heard it sucked graphics wise, this game owns it really is a gem.

Eclipticus4745d ago

0n the 360 graphically it wasnt that bad. still entertaing game to play. if a little short and easy

Rhezin4745d ago

Oh so I guess you like em Long and Hard huh? LMAO

power of Green 4745d ago

The feel of the gun is great has a solid Halo feel; the graphics are sick. Great (ADULT) story lots of humor(reading the bible to people you are shooting at is great; i was "getiing a blow job" in the game. You can do Indiana Jones style moves the thing has some puzzles; the enviromants are interative. havn't got that far though its such a good game i want it to last. You should pick it up it has multi player but i have yet to try it.

socomnick4745d ago

lol im picking this up today I don't need further convincing thanks for letting me know its good pog

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