Call of Juarez Rights Return to Techland - New Entry on the Cards?

The series has yet to make an appearance on Xbox One or PS4 and with RDR 2 forcing everyone to dig their ponchos and cigarillos once more, fast-growing Techland could probably use this an opportunity to bring Call of Juarez back to the big-time.

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PrimeVinister1109d ago

I wouldn't say no to a new PROPER AAA CoJ...

KyRo1109d ago

I'm not knocking CoJ as I've never played any of them but I want a new Dying Light game from techland before anything else.

Fist4achin1109d ago

Cool! Now if I could only get a Gun remake/remaster or sequel.

reaper6021109d ago

I would love a new COJ!!!!