LEGO MMO Gets Named and Dated

The LEGO massively multiplayer online game in development by NetDevil is expected to ship in the fourth quarter of 2008 as LEGO Universe, LEGO Group announced today.

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closedxxx4809d ago

I don't see this MMO Lego concept going very well. They aren't going to tap into that huge eastern MMO market with a Lego branded game, and I don't think many people here in the West care that much either.
The Lego Star Wars games are fun, easy, and cute, but they do not make me want to play for 12 hours straight. Just my opinion, but it seems like a waste.

fenderputty4809d ago

Not only that, the target audience is probably a younger crowd. If I'm a parent, I'm not letting my kid zap their lives away on an MMO. They just take up too much time. Playing video games is different then being married to one.

snoop_dizzle4809d ago

get into an mmo because it would take up so much time. Sure ill play something like oblivion once in a while and maybe something like KOTOR(i hope the next one is still an rpg).