HD DVD has a secret weapon

According to the CEO of Walt Disney, Robert Iger, there is no high-def format war outside of the US and in Europe, Blu-ray has already won but according to ERT Weekly, most UK electrical retailers - over 60 per cent - prefer HD DVD to Blu-ray.

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Xboxsuckz4809d ago

Blu-Ray's the best!

HD-DVD sucks just like the Xbox 360.

Saint Sony4809d ago

What's up with you?.. you joined like 37 minutes ago and can only say like xbox sucks in every thread. I assume you want to get down to 1 bubble and fast to become one of the most hated?.. good luck to you "wanna be" fanboy.. you even fail to be fanboy.

FadedDRFT4809d ago

OK dude!!! get your facts right, The xbox 360 does not suck, It actually has some great games, GOW, TDU, Forza 2 etc. But i do think HD DVD is pointless no matter what plan they have, More people are going with blu-ray and that has nothing to do with console wars

omansteveo4809d ago

Again look at what is going on here Blu-Ray=ps3 and HD-DVD=xbox....the only reason its posted here is bc rival companies have a different take on what format is superior in their minds...but one company is dependent on movies for success and the other isnt, so why is this debatable? Bc one say Playstation and the other says XBOX.

What if neither company back a format we wouldnt be having this discussion. Lets Keep Movies and Games Seperately these arguments do nothin but further let me know that Blu-ay isnt need for games, its for movies bc thats what you guys are always debating about is MOVIES!...if X movie on X format sells well then that means they're Respected console is better?

wolfgang4809d ago

You do know that neither HDDvd nor Xbox have anything to do with your increasingly embarrassing erectile disfunction situation ? So chill out dude

cuco334808d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

what i find most funny is that 13 people agreed with his childish comment

even if u are a fanboy, i think it's good to show SOME credibility or proof in what u preach... inventing a new log name and bashing a given system only shows the maturity level in some people

edit: for the record, its up to 16... good job guys... good freakin job lmao

MadMax4808d ago

You should be shot boy!

Shake4808d ago

Your fuking stupid!Why should he be shot?Last time I checked theres a law of freedom of speech you stupid [email protected]! I hate comments like that!

BubblesDAVERAGE4808d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

I belive blu ray is great but xbox 360 is a great sytem...and u kinda ended your bubble carrer...46 diagrees...this is a xbox fanboy site mostly just be careful if u want personally say wat i feel..i will nto say 360 sucks i just like ps3 over it and no one likes sit when u favor one over another...just like i loved my ps2 and psone

Gamer luv4808d ago

BD will win, not that i want it to but all this hype and bullshit talk of the BD disc space actualy being used up will kill HD DVD.

Even though, the codec for HD DVD can fit twice as much data then that of the BD codec, mpeg? the old one.
Meaning, that seeing as the discs arent twice the size, HD DVD will be able to to fit more or less the same amount of data.

But more space isnt neccesserily a good thing, i mean there games, there isnt a decent one out of the bunch and one of them apparently uses over 35 gb of space, i for one want to know what they are filling these discs with because the games dont look that great, the best looking game on the PS3 uses the same amount then Gears of War does for the 360.

RelloC4808d ago

you should be shot along side the OP. freedom of speech has nothing to do with needing to be removed from the gene pool.

Auron4808d ago

I believe you're the true definition of a moron.

gta_cb4807d ago

what is your problem?

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Ru4809d ago

A owner of both consoles and bolth formats HDDVD and BluRay...
I truly so far am more impressed with HDDVD.
Sorry Just the way it is.
I feel if BluRay does or is winning at the moment its because of the brand name nothing more!

MK_Red4809d ago

I still wish that those 2 formats were united to create the ultimate next-gen format. A long format war is bad for everyone and I think it has already reached Europe and other markets.

snoop_dizzle4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

its a freaking format, you act like HDDVD just insulted your mom.

I do think blu ray is superior because of the support it has, but it could've been used for videogames. As for movies it might not sell well(umd did the same thing), but it would do perfectly well as a gaming disk.

DrWan4809d ago

well the fact is that bluRay does sell well over all and it is still a gaming media just like DVD, if I were you guys..i wouldn't get the 200 dollar add on for the xbox yet. Just wait until next year (all the retailers were saying, by xmas we should know) before you dip those cash. It's probably the best decision right now I think.

snoop_dizzle4809d ago

i wasn't actually even thinking of getting the HDDVD addon, i still buy standard dvd's though i might get bluray movies when i get my PS3.

Eclipticus4809d ago

i picked up the add on. for 150 not bad a cheap way to jump into the hddvd format. this was before blu ray really took off. I dont think there will be a winner, just a dominant format. I definatly dont regret getting it. I do regret watching it on a sd tv. I will probably pick up a stand alone blu ray player just so i can have both.

sjappie4808d ago

You bought a hd-dvd add on to watch hd-movies on your sd-tv. That sounds kinda stupid.

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Firewire4809d ago

this war was over the day the PS3 came out!

omansteveo4809d ago

Is everything in you house Sony...where were you at when mini-disc was around or UMD. Where was your ranting then? or How about the Sony Milo you buying those by the truck loads right. dude gimme a break.

Eclipticus4809d ago

heheh my dad has a minidisc player. But he does sound operation for plays and musicals. and those are great. but other than that. they just like umds
eb has a umd sale like 4 bucks a movie. i still cant get myself to purchase any.