Xbox Ambassador Interview: Lax continues its weekly interviews with Xbox Ambassadors. This week, they talked to Lax.

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Firewire4747d ago

So now a interview with a xbot fanboy is considered news? WTF do I give a crap what some whinny b*tch thinks! Give me a break already, next it'll be "Breaking News - Nintendo fanboy farts" or something. And don't think this is about console stuff, it just isn't newsworthy. Same thing with reporting about some idiots in the "Sony defence force" who the F**k cares! Its not news its bullcrap!

closedxxx4747d ago

I agree that the article / interview is pointless, and definitely not news-worthy, but there's no need to get all pissed off and rant about fanboy-ism

closedxxx4747d ago

I have a day job, I like to do.... stuff... and play my xbox360, when am I going to get an interview / news article? weird