Having seen the new FIFA, Tom and Rich consider its impact.

"Now, I'm not N'Gai Croal, and Rich Melville's not Stephen Totilo. In fact, we don't really know who those people are - we just got sent this link and they sound important. But while we'd like to say today's good-humoured squabble over the relative merits of Pro Evolution Soccer and the latest FIFA is inspired by their antics, we're going to go with the real explanation: EA and our publisher thought it was a good idea, and when we started talking about it we sort of agreed."

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DiLeCtioN4744d ago

fifa was good but when i played pes4 i changed my mind because i prefer gameplay n creation not license kits,which are a nice additon but pro evo is now my game. pes5 n 6 great 2007 will be great because of easy online games all thanks to sony for making a ps3.

ps where on earth is the update for resistance? :[