Dead Space Twitter Riddle Solved

EA's recent Twitter account for DeadSpace linked to an image of a Rorshach test showing necromorphs, the marker and Unitology writing.
HellDescent has solved the writing.

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Arsenic134434d ago

Oh damn. Imminent announcement!

WildArmed4434d ago

aw i was expecting some sort of hint about DS2 :(

Mr Face Creamer4434d ago

I heard people in my town killed themselves over this.

jesuisankit4434d ago

"the nightmare is over but it will not end.." well its expected.. just give me a trailer already :D..

ThanatosDMC4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

I hope we go to the colony! It's the place where the "infection" was longest. I better see carpet, lights, etc. Yahtzee's review of Dead Space was funny.

Arsenic134434d ago

All these comments but how about approving the story?

4434d ago
lightningsax4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

I certainly hope it's leading to Dead Space 2 being announced. It would be a nice message to the world that EA hasn't given up on its more daring franchises despite their latest business moves.

hikayu174433d ago

It was a success . 1.5 mil was the last time I check . The review were quite good . For a new ip, that's a home run .

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Arsenic134434d ago

Its rumored to be announced at the VGAs.

HolyOrangeCows4433d ago

Yep, I'm fairly sure they're just warming us up for the announcement.

ShinFuYux4434d ago

When you go to some psychologist and he's going to have a better understanding on how you perceive things; they usually show you these ink blobs and they ask you what you see.

In relevance to this; Issac, the man who was pretty much controlled by the marker throughout the game by using his wife's image, he saw her alive even though she was dead.

So, I'm just going to theorize here and just say, maybe issac comes back to earth or something and he starts seeing these necromorphs even though "that nightmare" was over.

JayX6664433d ago

i think the second game will have a lot of issac's fragile mental state coming into play, is he really seing the necromorphs or mad? etc. Lots of potentials scares right there

Redlogic4433d ago

that would be a sick premise...maybe hes in some sort of medical solitary confinement and he has to escape since the necromorphs took over. I like the idea of being on Earth, so many possibilities. I for one, LOVED the first Dead Space so I'm very excited for the sequel.

ThanatosDMC4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

I think they just show the inkblots to make fun of their patients... i know i would.

Necromorphs in earth would decimate the population FAST. Couldnt it go to a space colony? Though a Dead Space FPS game could be created if a planet does become subject to necromorphs. 4 player co-op!

FEAR1 was awesome because of the random sudden crap you see while playing the game. Dead Space 1 had a lot of random noises and shadows.

Redlogic4433d ago

it doesn't have to be the entire US (or other county), it can just be in a medical complex where Isaac has to stop it from getting out while trying to survive.

monkey6024433d ago

ShinFuYux: Man that is a fantastic idea. One I'd love to try too. Think they'd have to change the name though? Dead Space is one of my favourite games and the only one in a long time to give my survival horror love some much needed attention.

"Dead Space FPS" No! Just No!

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Chnswdchldrn4433d ago

he comes to earth and suddenly a necromorph outbreak happens!!!! at the end you take off ur helmet and realize ur a necromorph and the necromorphs u thot u waz killing were actually peoples

thats dead space 2 in a nutshell

cooperdnizzle4433d ago

how do you know the guy solved the puzzle i mean i think it says the nightmare is over but the wrath awaits

Arsenic134433d ago

Use the translator guide...DERP

GameOn4433d ago

I managed to translate "but". The rest was just to messy though.

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