Gamestop Offers $10 Off Future Order + 10% Off + Free Shipping on Select Titles


"Gamestop is offering $10 off future order, 10% off (w/ coupon below) and free shipping on the following titles:"

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Noob5340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

Toysrus is offering a buy 1 get 50% off the other sale on all games starting today I believe. Much better than this if you ask me.

f7897905339d ago

I've never bought any games from that sale. I'm always broke right around Christmas. XD

Next year....

LeonSKennedy4Life5339d ago

I work at GameStop...and this sucks.

Honestly, I don't see GameStop lasting much longer. Most gamers hate it and most people in general hate going there.

GameStop employees, for the most part, are complete douchebags! They should at least be genuine with the customers, if nothing else. I hate GameStop employees!

The_Zeitgeist5339d ago

Dude I had an interview there a few months back. In my resume I had a few articles and reviews I had written from when I worked for Gamingfront.net and that impressed the store manager enough to tell me flat out I'm on the top of the list. His assistant interviewed me and asked me what games I was excited for and I told him Bioshock 2 and God of War 3. He then went off about how Beyonetta was awesome and blah blah blah. Then he talked for like 15 mins about stuff he liked. He ends the interview and I never get a call back. It would have been nice to be interviewed rather than sit there and listen to some moron blab about gaming and then tell me basically I am not qualified by never evn calling back.

ThanatosDMC5339d ago

In the Gamestop i go to, they always bash the PS3 especially when i buy any PS3 game. I just think it's funny.

f7897905339d ago

I had the same employee ask 3 f***** times if I needed help looking for something. NO I DON'T! He might have thought I was a shoplifter but I was with my younger brother and we were talking about what games we wanted. Real suspicious.

ThanatosDMC5339d ago

^ that's messed up. But wasnt there an article about Master Chief robbing a Gamestop? He was in a costume and good thing no one got hurt.

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Belasco5339d ago

I avoid the place like the plague, mostly because every goddamn thing is a preorder this, preorder that, would you like fries with that? bullshit. Not to mention when you have a fanboy behind the counter, omg I want to murder them.

The_Zeitgeist5339d ago

Gamestop can kiss my you know what...They are never getting another dime from me. The other day I traded in Madden 10 and Hot Shots out of Bounds. At gamestop they wanted to give me 17.50 cash for madden and at my locally owned game store (BREsoftware) they gave me 25.50. Again Hotshots Gamestop - 7.50 BREsoftware gave me 16.50 cash. So yea Gamestop....NEVER AGAIN!!

OhMyGandhi5339d ago

I don't want anything to do with gamestop.
I remember bringing 4 games to a store, in the interest of possibly trading them towards Modern warefare 2
1) splinter cell: double agent
2) fallout 3
3) killzone 2
4) soul calibur 4

and finding out that they were supposedly worth 17 bucks.
I really wasn't going to trade those in anyways, but I was just curious to know.

and to think people actually give in to such bs.
that's 240 bucks.

and to think that a membership card costs 14 bucks.
I get 3 bucks towards modern warfare 2.


15 Xbox Games That Should Make the Multiplatform Jump

While there’s likely already a list behind closed doors, one can still speculate and offer logical suggestions for titles new and old that should find their way into the PlayStation and Switch libraries.

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GamerRN125d ago

Single A games and live service games. Those make sense

S2Killinit125d ago

None of it makes sense. But its happening.

Ps5conehead125d ago

That’s up to Microsoft they want return on there investment. From buying up those publishers. That’s what there in business for. And they made a mistake putting day one exclusive on game pass. So now Microsoft wants to profit any way they can.its called buisness . Just like Sony putting games on pc a year are two after ps5 launch.
So if they can make money off PlayStation and Nintendo. They will do that. And I bet soon real soon they will release some aaa exclusives .and I bet one day it will be same day release

TheEroica125d ago

Sony gamers begging for Xbox games.... Who would've thunk it?


Yeah, because random site off the internet represents all Sony gamers, they have the letter of attorney and all...

S2Killinit125d ago

Lol what a spin. You dizzy?

AsunaYuukiTheFlash124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

We don’t care about shovelwares. Get that junk out of PS5

StormSnooper124d ago

More like MS begging to put their games on PlayStation.

TheEroica123d ago

Keep begging Sony gamers!

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Friendlygamer125d ago

Some of these seem to be exclusive for lack of enthusiasm of the publisher rather than because of deals. A lot of cool indies skip ps for some reason like katana zero, el paso, elsewhere and gunbrela

S2Killinit125d ago

Even more indies skip xbox. We know that right?

Friendlygamer125d ago

Quality over quantity, Microsoft got some really interesting and curated niche games on their machines, maybe in part because of gamepass

S2Killinit125d ago

Quality and MS are not things you bring up in same sentence.

shinoff2183125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Alot of indies skip xbox to. It goes round and round. Personally I think your off base on that but no need to have the argument.

Friendlygamer125d ago

Between katana zero, valheim, Battletech, el passo... I don't feel off base. maybe ps got a million of light novel games that will never release on Xbox but like I've said, I'm talking about niche games highlights, the 10%.

  Heck, it's probably thanks to Microsoft that the s.t.a.l.k.e.r games came to console ps included, meanwhile Sony backwards compatibility continues to be extremely anemic.

And I'm sure most ps5 users are happy to ignore these games and just play wathever new 3rd person action game is trending but it's cool that Microsoft gives some love to smaller audiences and software preservation

shinoff2183125d ago

Again your off base just to be snide. All it's showing though is your ignorance.

One light novels wtf is that even. Ps has plenty of pretty damn good indies.

Speaking of indies and ms being responsible. You know F.I.S.T. of course you do alot of you guys just support gamepass. Well here's a history of Sony being responsible for helping indies. Look up the China project from Sony.

Lastly lol your ignorance showing again. Sony has plenty of games. Personally third person is better then first anyway but that's besides the point. Sony gets so many games that xbox doesn't get because yall don't support the games. Jrpgs being a great example. I personally am not into every Sony first party game. Alot of us aren't. On the other side you don't get to eat often so you gobble up everything. Me personally God of War not my cup, etc. For me I'm into jrpgs and ms just can't touch Sony on those. Again because the Xbox base doesn't support it. Devs dont wanna waste their time or money. Hit me up when falcom develops a game over there.

Speaking of third person narrative games. Aren't yall drooling over hellblade 2. The first one was Sony exclusive at one point. Another not my cup game. Showing we don't have to fall in line and agree we love everything Sony puts out. The facts are they sell though unlike elsewhere(not nintendo)

StormSnooper124d ago

You are same person as GamerRN, yes?