Movie Tie-In Games Mostly Disappointing

Why do video-game publishers bother with movie tie-ins?

The cost of licensing an anticipated blockbuster (like, say, this summer's "Transformers") is expensive.

Designers have to work within creative constraints imposed by the Hollywood studio, and then have to rush to crank out something playable by the time the movie's released.

And usually no one - neither gamers nor moviegoers - is satisfied with the results.

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nix4747d ago

so.. who do we blame?

i know spiderman3 (the game) is out but i've knowingly ignored that. plus who wants to "repeat" the movie story again? you already know what happens (story-wise) by watching movie.

KoolMan4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

movie games suck on the fact that they start developing game after the movie... so start with time.. follow story carefully and include missing details or fix what peeps didnt like about moive in this case venom short performence... i bet the new fantastic 4 will score higher then spiderman3

predator4747d ago

there cash-ins on the movie what do we expect, they rush the games so they come out with the movie, which ends up bein half done, only game/movie tie in i have bought is goldeneye (cant remember if it came out as the same time has the film tho, can anyone remember)

Nicosia4747d ago

The biggest problem with movie videogames is that they are over-rushed.The second is they don't work the game mechanics out, there are some promesing things but they feel so half-baked. Money makes the world go round.

Bloodmask4747d ago

with movie tie in games is that people even buy them. I know somebody is buying them and it sure isnt me. People have the power to vote with their wallet. Don't buy crappy games and they'll quit making them.

Happy gaming

wolfgang4747d ago

That is so true. The only reason so many movie based game come out is because they make money. Why fix something (make better game) when its not broken (when it already bring money).

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