Console Price Cuts: The Evidence

For all the talk of Sony dropping its price, it is Microsoft that appears to have the impending date with destiny. In fact, if Microsoft doesn't drop its price by the end of July 2007, it will have held the line on its pricing longer than the PlayStation 2 did last generation.

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Bloodmask4241d ago

is anything like last gen and Microsoft does indeed lower there price first(especially before Christmas). I think Sony has some serious decisions to make.

SF49er4084241d ago

Make the premium 299 wow everyone will buy it. plus the games comin out hmmm looks like a shure thing to me. fable 2 aint even out yet n that made me buy the first xbox. the ridiculous hype with halo 3 and a 100 price cut will push their lead even farther.

toughNAME4241d ago

but if M$ cuts their price before PS3...thatd just be slitting sonys throat
give sony a chance to compete!

gta_cb4241d ago

oooo i dont think you should have said that lol.

*gets read for flaming*

freeza4241d ago

360 is allready $220 in japan

Xi4241d ago

a psthreetarded response.

wolfgang4241d ago

ZyKlOn $hit

Why do you comment if you don't have anything to say ?

gta_cb4241d ago

i agree with wolfgang, why do you comment when you only comment sh!t?! you remind me of some of those stupid fanboy comments from this other user called Bill Gates.

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The story is too old to be commented.