"300" Game Being Made for PS3 and 360?

According to EGM's rumor monger, Quartermann, next-gen consoles (excluding the Wii) will be getting the Frank Miller 300 treatment on the PS3 and Xbox 360. This doesn't come as much of a surprise since the movie, which was pretty much plucked and pulled, panel by panel at certain scenes from the graphic novel, was a surprise hit. So much so that there's a game already available based on the famed Spartans, but that's for the PSP, so that doesn't really count.

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ITR4747d ago

I want that movie!

I hear it's coming out on BD, HD, and DVD.

MrFurious4747d ago

This movie is pure bullshitting as his director is purely pro-Bush man, this is kind of propaganda to enforce idea of war against Iran in people's mind. Probably that lots of people did not see that, but if you know the director, you understand all! This [email protected]#&ing movie is totally crap and bull#@&t!! This game will be too !!
Meeerrrddaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

WhEeLz4747d ago

seriously man....shut up!! geez....were talking about games here...not politics...and off the record..i cant wait for bush to get out of office...

Robotz Rule4747d ago

Who didn't like 300?????

You guys all suck!

300 rocked!!!!!

kamakazi4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

mr furious youre an idiot, i love the movie but it doesnt make me wanna commit suiced by joining the army now. i think your just alittle out there buddy even for my taste

MrFurious4746d ago

Great! sounds that makes you react, that's a good point here!! Haha move your asses from sofa and think a bit about our future (of gaming?)

It is important to understand that we are not all sheeps and will not give our money to such enterprise of crimes.
As you would never accept to finance terrorism, you should not buy such [email protected] and finance such propaganda type of game! You idiot!!

Hey men I was in VG industry before even most of you were born! So I know better than most of you what games mean! Ha ha ha you are ridiculous !

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BlackIceJoe4747d ago

I hope the game takes place after the movie. After what happens to the 300 and starts with the other fighters. Then at the end of the game you do not have to Die.

KoolMan4747d ago

if u die at the end as long as the kombat is as much as bloody or brutal as Mortal Kombat... imagine be able to stab ur enemy with a spear from far or fightin the "inmortals" I hope they take nothing from the psp version, thats crap sucks

americanGTA4747d ago

i dotn think so, it woulda came out some time during the movie.... by the time it comes out, the fad will fade.

Cysquatch4747d ago the movie. And yes, I saw it opening day on IMAX.

InMyOpinion4747d ago

I could'nt help laughing after 10 minutes into the movie. Kid kills wolf, becomes M.A.N.! If they had skipped all the slow motion scenes (there's one at least every minute)the movie would be over after 20 mins. If pumped up, screaming, half-naked men with lots of beard is your cup of tea you might enjoy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.