Free Radical on the TimeSplitters curse

"All people want from Haze is monkeys"

Remember TimeSplitters 2? Remember the monkeys? Derek Littlewood sure does - he's creative director on Free Radical Design's intriguing shooter, Haze. And he's so sick of people asking him "but where are the monkeys?" that he's felt moved to speak out and set the record straight.

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wolfgang4784d ago

Thanks, I wanted to post the dancing robot monkey from the game but I couldn't find it so I went for this "Bobo want a banana and Bobo not afraid to shoot you for it".

Havince4784d ago

everyone wants a next gen timesplitters, that sh1t would be brilliant online with its crazy characters. come on radical get it sorted please

MK_Red4784d ago

But I want monkeys. At least put some in multiplayer add a few bonus ones, like MGS3 S.

Shadow Flare4784d ago (Edited 4784d ago )

People asking you, "Where are the monkeys"

The Snake4784d ago

I always hated the monkeys. Except the ninja monkey, he was kinda cool.