Kojima Talks Limited Edition MGS4 On PS3

News is coming out that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be receiving a liimited edition version when it releases on the PS3.

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Eclipticus4748d ago

You know what this means... A limited edition, timed Exclusive of MGS4 for PS3. A regular edition 6-12 months later for the 360. Just a bone to throw to the ps3 fanboys, to keep them quiet.


mephixto4748d ago

Halo 3 is getting a limited edition too!! maybe it will go to the PS3 in 6-12 months later. lol

Eclipticus4748d ago

hellyeah! i cant wait halo 3 with sixaxis....

gta_cb4747d ago

.... i hope you was joking lol, its not gonna happen.

KoolMan4748d ago

peeps sos fast to throw more wood in the fire then to let go...
As much as I would love to have halo3 on ps3 i dont mind in fact a exclusive for me going multi dont mean crap to me... but theres something u most know, Kojima said it b4, MGS4 is not going 360, not becuz it cant be made, he said it was possible just not the same amount of content... he also said he got intations on making a multiproject but it will not have anything to do with MGS series...

Eclipticus4748d ago

yeah. i just spent four days in Reno, making a nice deposit. Gotta start a fire somewhere for my amusement.

Rhezin4748d ago

good as long as RE5 and silent hill 5 go to the 360 as well. Then I'll be fine, but if not. AHHH!!!!!!!!!

PS360PCROCKS4747d ago

dude re5 is 360. Silent Hill...who knows?

lilwingman4748d ago

Limited Editions are pretty stupid in my opinion. We're paying a premium for these games. If you have extra content laying around, give it to me anyways.

Seraphim4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

Metal Gear has been THE ONLY game to actually offer a truly Limited Edition title; MGS 3 Subsistence.

I absolutely have no problem with a LIMITED EDITION just as long as the title it truly Limited. The problem w/ Collector's Editions and Limited Editions is that they aren't truly limited and don't have any collector's material other than some trivial stuff movies put on discs for free. More often than not Limited or Collector's simply means we want your money, and more of it.

But again, I completely have no problem if a game is truly Limited and dubbed such. For MGS 4 the idea of HD footage isn't bad. Also I wouldn't mind seeing an extensive art book and/or art cell included...

gta_cb4747d ago

you mean like the helmet etc in with the most expensive Halo 3 game? (cant remember what its called, maybe its collectors edition)

Lord Anubis4748d ago

i would get the limited edition in a heart beat.

gta_cb4747d ago

limited editions are normally quite good, especially if your going to collect alot of games then in the future sell all of them plus the console for a high price, but for me i just like to play the games, so i dont normally buy anything but the standard game, unless the limited offers something i would really want.

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The story is too old to be commented.