Jan-Bart Van Beek, Killzone lead artist

As Art Director, Jan-Bart van Beek is responsible for the overall quality of art and animation at Guerrilla. Originally a photography student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, Jan-Bart soon turned to computer graphics software to enhance his work. After graduation, he applied his knowledge as a CG artist in the field of advertising. His ambition to create something more enduring eventually led him to join Guerrilla, where he quickly became the lead artist on the first Killzone title for PlayStation 2.

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CrippleH3239d ago

I love the artstyle of his.

gijsbrecht3238d ago

Very insightfull and beautiful work. You know, the funny thing is that people are beginning to recognize that there is an actual 'Killzone-style' kind of art, atmosphere and gameplay. And it seems that this style is getting some followers when it concerns other games and developers. I'm curious how this will play out in the future.

redsquad3238d ago

Someone really should produce a large-format KILLZONE 2 book with all those designs in (and I mean one that looks at KZ2 exclusively, not the one listed in the article)