Half-Life 2 Confirmed for PS3 and Xbox 360

While speaking at Electronic Arts' annual summer press event, Valve Software's Gabe Newell announced that Half-Life 2 will definitely arrive for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Better yet, the ports, which are scheduled to ship simultaneously with Half-Life 2: Episode Two for the PC, will include official Half-Life 2 content available at that point, including Episode Two.

While Newell didn't announce every bit of what will be on the disc, the PS3 and X360 versions of Half-Life 2 will include adjunct titles like Half-Life 2: Episode One and the just-reconfirmed Team Fortress 2. Counter-Strike: Source is also a possibility.

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Marriot VP6164d ago

and how old is this PC game, quit beating a dead horse.

andy capps6164d ago

I'm still playing this game online. Granted it's a couple years old, but it's still a better game in all aspects than almost any first person shooter out there. Actually, I don't think I've ever played a better one, so this is great news. Now I'll be able to have maximum settings that my current PC isn't able to handle.

OutpostCommand6164d ago

I dont give a donkeys balls how old it is.
If its coming to console, w00t !

ds62206164d ago

when the material is this freakin' brilliant. Any fan of FPS on the PC knows how important this game is and was. This game (and the original Half Life before it) is like Halo to the minions on Xbox that never really played a FPS before they bought an Xbox. Add that to the fact that in order to run the game at full specs when it came out you had to have a beast of a PC (although, admittedly, it ran great scaled back. Valve knows how to code) and everyone needs to play this game. Yes, it was on the Xbox, but let's just forget that for the moment. No way is Half Life 2 a dead horse when Valve has just released Episode One and Episode Two is on the way.

Bluemayhem6164d ago

It would be a great game even if it is a port from the pc/xbox. However, lets not get too hasty and port Counter Strike as well. CS was a disaster on the old xbox and CSS on the 360 will be garbage as well unless it will support keyboard and mouse.
Playing CSS with a controller is pathetic, any other dumb shooter like doom/prey is fine but not this game.

OutpostCommand6164d ago

Ive actually never played CS on a console (Its OMFG PWNAGE on PC)
If they do release CS, then lets hope its better than you put it forward to be.
Another port from PC I would like to see is BF2.
There was one half-****ed attempt made by EA, but BF2:MC was nothing like its older brother.
If they release BF2 on PS3....damn it, im in Heaven !

specialguest6164d ago

people say Xbox360 is the king of FPS and that maybe true base on the games, but it does really suck to play FPS with a control pad.

i don't understand why the 360 are not allowing keyboard/mouse support for gaming yet. maybe in the future, they'll announce it.

as for now, i know the PS3 has already confirmed support of keyboard/mouse for gaming.

andy capps6164d ago

The PS3 will support it, but it's still up to the devs to implement it in their game. It also causes some extreme balancing issues when players with keyboard and mouse are playing against players with controllers online. Maybe you could have rooms that were only for KB/M when the machine detected that they were present, or maybe you could have it optional for the brave console controller souls that wish to go against the KB/M crowd.

soccerstar6164d ago

I completely agree bf2 for the pc kicks a** but the modern combat games for the consoles absolutly suck

Capt CHAOS6162d ago

PC Mouse gamers keep on complaining about having to use the controller, it's actually not that bad a system, because we have analogue movement and analogue aim, as opposed to just analogue aim (though alot more accurate). Also don't forget, you have all the controls right at your finger tips. So quit moaning.

Console control pads are cool.

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Bluemayhem6164d ago

Yeah Man, I know CSS online is the shizz!
Its just one of those games that requires you to "aim" and not just point the xhair towards your opponent and miraculously you shoot him even though you are in a middle of a jump.
Thats why controlers are good for frantic shooters without recoil etc...

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