P3Zine's Impressions of Heavy Rain (A Storytelling Masterclass)

"What is Heavy Rain? It's an intriguing question for the game's Director, Designer, and Writer to ask, and one met by an even more puzzling answer. 'This is a very difficult question,' says Director David Cage. 'Heavy Rain is very difficult to categorize. We call it a dark, interactive thriller. It's the story of four characters whose lives are interlaced around the investigation of a serial killer known as The Origami Killer.'

"Heavy Rain is a mature, emotional, heartwrenching, pulse-pounding, nail-biting masterpiece, with its involving silver screenworthy story strung together through a variety of unique scenes. We're promised upwards of 70 scenes in all, with the player's actions in each dictating both the flow of the scene itself and the overall storyarc of the game.

"Heavy Rain's facial animations are so advanced that they convey a sense of emotion without the need of dialogue.

"Throughout Heavy Rain you'll come across a variety of diverse locations and scenes with their own unique gameplay. We've seen more than we're allowed to talk about at this point, but suffice to say you're in for a treat when Heavy Rain launches in the new year.

"So, Heavy Rain's another one to add to the list of PlayStation 3's recent surge in impeccable-quality, market-leading titles, and at this point we have very little doubt that Heavy Rain will deliver a masterclass in storytelling and emotion. It's exactly what the industry needs, produced by a team mature and experienced enough to do it, and easily our most anticipated PS3 title of 2010. When it rains on PS3, it really does pour."



"A killer thriller, Heavy Rain's set to start the year on a high."

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raztad3335d ago


I'm so wanting to have this game. It will be quite a ride, something mature to play with my wife. Storytelling for the win!

knightdarkbox3335d ago

Heavy Rain will it to be a movie, and not a game.

Like MGS4 did ( around 9 hours of cutscenes and not gameplay) That is sad ps3fanboys..

jp_footy23335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

your the one who is sad because you desperately wish this game would be on your silly box.

rucky3335d ago

Is the 360 still considered a game console anymore? Not only you can't play games on it because of RROD, it doesn't even have games anymore.

-GametimeUK-3335d ago

This does not help me get excited for the game at all. As a matter of fact the more I read the less excited I become. I guess this wont be the title for me. I guess I just like my games to have a bit more substance to them.

Kyur4ThePain3335d ago

Does that mean you're not going to post in any HR related articles from now on?

edgeofblade3335d ago

I'm looking forward to this as a Cage fan, but I think there's a considerable amount of delusion as to this games influence on the market at large. This won't be a system seller. It doesn't fit the profile of a system seller.

No really. I know some of you are so heavily invested in this game, but step back and tell me honestly that an interactive movie is really going to make a huge difference. Look at Indigo Prophesy. Did that game make as huge a splash as everyone is predicting HR will?

Kyur4ThePain3335d ago

Why does it have to be a system seller?
Stop playing numbers and go back to playing games.

edgeofblade3335d ago

I am playing games.

I'm just trying to deflate people's inflated expectations. I want this game to do well, because I feel Cage blends storytelling and gameplay better than most. And for this game to do well, I'm hoping people will have realistic expectations.

knightdarkbox3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

ps3fanboys were happy with this game because ps3 is only for watching movies in blu-ray.

GeoramA3335d ago

xbots can't even troll properly anymore.

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