Gamestyle: .detuned Review

Run for cover as another 'non-gaming' experience has been unleashed on the PlayStation Network Store. This time it's a musical oddity in the form of .detuned; will this succeed where Linger In The Shadows failed?

This time around .detuned is a different beast to Linger in The Shadows and is less of a gaming experience than the aforementioned piece of interactive art. Instead it focuses on music and onscreen visuals. To some it's nothing more than a fancy PS3 visual equaliser that accompanies any tunes you have on your hard drive. This comparison is not warranted, as whereas the default PS3 planet Earth visuals will happily carry on without player involvement; .detuned requires you to always be on hand.

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Kurisu5111d ago

Yea it's not that good lol. I bought it because I had spare change in my PS Store wallet and there was nothing else I wanted. Good if you want some quick trophies, but no replay value whatsoever.


Digital Delivery: The Weird Corner of PSN Pt. 2

"It’s time for another head-long dive into the strange and bizarre on Digital Delivery, kids! That’s right – we’re going into another batch of the weirdest PSN games ever! We promised you more the last time we did this, and here we are to deliver. This week, our games will be currently available, so you won’t have to wait to get your hands on some strange stuff." - Steve Perry, Stealthy Box

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Most Artistic Downloadable Games (RunDLC)

People continue to debate whether video games should be considered art. Opponents disagree because of user interaction, while supporters argue that games with stylish graphics and deeper experiences cross the line into artistic expression. We’re still not sure which side of the proverbial fence we sit on, but the following downloadable games could be considered works of art, thanks to unique visuals and captivating gameplay.

John Artest (RunDLC)

GWAVE4861d ago

Shouldn't there be some PC games in there?

Buff10444861d ago

The site doesn't cover PC titles, so it's strictly games from Live, PSN and WiiWare


Qore - Episode 25

Episode 25 of Qore is all about Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Green Day Rock Band, PixelJunk Shooter 2 and Clash of the Titans.

All subscribers can download the demoscene title “detuned” for free, and all purchasers will have access to a Clash of the Titans PS3 theme. As usual, Audrey has a rundown of the latest Blu-ray releases, and this month we spotlight our first “Geek Hero”, Gary Whitta—a PC magazine editor turned Hollywood screenwriter. Green Day fans can test their knowledge in the “Name That Tune” mini-game, and don’t forget to try the Lara Croft-themed memory match puzzles to unlock Veronica’s outtake videos.

Look for Episode 25 tomorrow on the PlayStation Store update.

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