Game Vortex: Hotel Dash: Suite Success Review

Game Vortex writes: "Hotel Dash: Suite Success continues the bright and colorful look of the Dash series, taking it to new locations in the form of dilapidated hotels that need sprucing up. Flo and Quinn, that tag team of female accomplishment, are at it again and this time, they'll travel from a basic hotel, to a ski lodge in the snow, to an upscale high-rise hotel, to a tiki-themed island paradise getaway and finally, to a haunted mansion-turned-hotel. Each location has neat little details and you'll be tasked with not only upgrading the appearance of the interior of the hotel, but, more specifically, the VIP room which will be decked out by the time you are through with it, if you've done your job right. We aren't just talking simple carpet and curtain changes here, although you'll be doing that too. How about waterfall fountains and tiki statues in the tiki room and grand Gothic beds and skeleton candle holders in the haunted hotel."

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