Halo 3 Soda Can?

Pepsi is planning to brand a limited edition of its Mountain Dew soda with Halo 3. Ad Age is reporting the drink will be released alongside Halo 3 in August. Here is a picture of the soda.

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Sangheili854569d ago

I've seen the mountain due can on Ebay like 2 months ago some guy that works there was selling it unopened. Good advertisements for halo i guess.

nobizlikesnowbiz4569d ago

Once August and September start getting close expect to see Halo 3 everywhere. It'll probably be the most hyped game in history. We haven't even begun to see the hype that M$ will generate for this game. It's their ace-in-the-hole and they know it. They're hoping this will deal a death blow to Sony. Who knows if they can pull it off.

ben hates you4569d ago

and there are already to winners, nintendo and Microsoft, sony can still win also they just haven't made money and japan was lost for them, but they will eventually do better will they do better then xbox, or wii, i can't say and NO damn analyst can either, time will tell

Sangheili854569d ago

I love my Xbox but i don't want Sony to die. Without Sony Microsoft will get lazy and not make their next Xbox any good because they got no one to compete with. They are both Great!

Saint Sony4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

They can't kill PS3 with just Halo3.. or with anything really.
PS3 could be really good system but I hate this bloody waiting and speculating IF it can do miracles compared to 360. All this "just wait and see, just wait and see" is getting really boring.

Anyhow, HALO3 will be one of the biggest events in gaming history, it surely will turn the heads towards 360. People who are not really interested about gaming consoles but are maybe thinking of getting one some day might get lured in. They think, if there's something as big as Halo3 phenomenon happening with the console it must be worth the money and it is cheaper than PS3 anyhow.

Systematrix4569d ago

I love Pepsi and I love Halo 3...I can't go wrong with this one!

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