Sony slapped with another patent suit

Semiconductor company Agere Systems claims electronics giant's gaming systems, other tech products infringe on a number of its patents.

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shotty6167d ago

I wonder if Microsoft or Nintendo have a huge lawsuit waiting for sony the day the ps3 launches. I know sony would infridge on something with all this "copying" thats been going on.
Sony: "What is it this time"
Laywer:"Were being sued"
Sony: "I told Ken to stop copying, well who is it this time"
Laywer: " Well, it's Microsoft and Nintendo, it appears they are suing for $100 billion dollars" Sony:" Tell mother that I won't be coming home for lunch, this is the thanks I get for taking advise for Kenneth Lay"

Aflac6167d ago

that would be hilarious!!!

BOOSTIN6167d ago

mmmm i smell KARMA!! thats what happens when you're a dirty company like sony. maybe if they learned to follow the laws they wouldnt be paying millions in legal disputes and risking their entire company. oh well i guess they wanna be retards..

jedicurt6167d ago

this happens all the time. IBM alone was hit with 36 cases involving patent infringement in 2005. all of them were determined to not be true. and infact, several of those patents were revoked as it was determined that they were inproperly filed. This happends to every tech company ever year (even Microsoft). the only reason this is news is because sony did loss the imersion case

andy capps6167d ago

Looks like another company is trying to cash in on the "patent infringement" game. This looks like an extreme longshot. It also doesn't really mean anything because companies get hit with lawsuits every day. Microsoft has hundreds of pending anti-trust suits, etc. You can see the pending legal action against Microsoft on their page:

To the above poster talking about how Sony has dirty tactics, I assume you're not a Microsoft fan, correct? They're the king of monopolies, dirty tactics, etc. I'm not exactly a MS fan, but I do use Windows, unfortunately.

General6167d ago

Why cant you goddamn Xbox 360 fanboys Stop f*cking Bashing Sony and Stop posting useless sh*t like this, I dont care if I get banned I am Absolutely Sick of it!

THELANDSOFSAND6167d ago (Edited 6167d ago )

You Always post useless crap dont you General.


who is this? jin? NJ? gametime? just go away if you have nothing to contribute!

FreeMonk6167d ago

Wow! If I did what Sony did I'd be locked up by now! Geez!

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