Gamespot's Championship Sprint Review

Terrible controls murder what little appeal exists in this archaic arcade driving game.

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Kleptic4739d ago

Anyone else getting sick of these terrible old arcade remakes? Joust, Gauntlet II, and now this...If they would be releasing more ps1 games for download, I would be interested...and even loving Guantlet as a kid at pizza hut, its worth 5 minutes of entertainment...

Mortal Kombat II was/is great...thats the only one I purchased...and Rampage seems to have been messed with visually so its not as bad as the original...but I never bought it anyway...its pretty annoying how in through the meat of the decent game drought, they only offered us these potty floaters...

DrWan4739d ago

It's kind of funny, Wii virtual console gets a free ride and gets a "wow, old crappy games are COOOOL!!"

and PS3 when they get some "arcade" online games is all of a sudden crap.

I agreed, they are craps, but if you guys heard the PodCast from N4G, they are right, there are alot of double standard in the industry.

No matter what the PS3 does, it's always trash.

But yes, i agreed, bring more PS1 games instead, but these old games do not "hurt" the network though, we'll just won't buy it, so they'll know not to spend their effort on these craps..anymore..or if they do.. buff up the damn online mode, a LAG???!! in these games are not is it resistance can do this without lag..and these 2D games are lagging? u know what i mean..

Kleptic4738d ago

Yeah I is pretty obvious that there is a media fad going on with how much the ps3 sucks...its almost cool to not like it I

I never cared what the media says about it...or how "sony has super failed"...and doesn't hurt anything, I just won't buy it...its just frustrating that some tard at Sony thinks that these emulations of old arcade games will draw more people towards the ps3...and in the mean time pissing the owners off that just want an old classic that is much closer to now than something i played when i was 5...I remember it sucked then...and believe it or not it still sucks now...

My point is only that tons of ps1 classics getting slapped on the network every week would keep me a lot more happy with this lack of anything to do phase than some terrible roms of terrible games...