Lost Odyssey Status Update

While Mystwalker is being its typical shy self with new info on Lost Odyssey, a few bits did slip out in the latest issue of Famitsu.

As part of a special look at what's in the works for the Xbox 360, the magazine asked Lost Odyssey producer and Mistwalker founder Hironobu Sakaguchi for an update on the game. According to Sakaguchi, the game's packaging and background music are complete. Currently, the development team over at Feel Plus is adjusting the "wall system" and other gameplay systems.

Sakaguchi promises new information in the near future.

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omansteveo4574d ago

Cool i really wanna know more about this

PS360WII4574d ago

Yeah this'll be played for sure. Only thing I read about it that I didn't like is that the main character is suppose to be kind of a sissy :(

MADGameR4574d ago

I just hope there is MORE gameplay than CGIs cutscenes when the game is fully released.

kewlkat0074574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

in Japan when it nears.

Not because it's just another RPG but the creator himself of the Final Fantasy series is producing it. Of course the FF series has turned me somewhat off, ever since his departure.(some will disagree)

I hope this game lives up to the hype, well I trust this guy, as he knows RPG games. Who knows what other titles might be brewing, Mystwalker studios can only get bigger.

This game is probably a must-have for me, but I know so little about it.

EDIT: @Honeal2g below- Well I'll give you that, thats why I said somewhat, cause I know I enjoyed FFX, I'm into Video Game OST's and I really like FFX soundtrack. I knew somebody was going to say FFX, and it's true.

I'm actually playing FFXII on the PS2, yes it is a little different than the GRID system. Beating up one monster and having like 4-5 others interrupt grr I hate that.

Honeal2g4574d ago

... he had nothing to do with Final Fantasy X ..thats the onyl reason i would disagree cause that game owned..

Honeal2g4574d ago

I cannot wait for this game Lost Oddyssey is gonna be sick ...

Blue Dragon(59.99),Lost Oddyssey(59.99),Mass Effect(59.99),Halo 3(69.99),Too Human(59.99),GTA4(59.99),NBA 2k8(59.99),Unreal Tourny(59.99)= life of crime?/jail time?/ honest days work?.. in other words Broke!

TruthHurts4574d ago

it`ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

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The story is too old to be commented.