Saboteur: A graphic comparison - PC vs. Xbox 360 vs. PS3

Saboteur, the last game of Pandemic, is now available. And which version has the best graphics? A new graphic comparison shows that the PS3-version is the loser. PC wins.

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fantasygamer3337d ago

awful to me on both systems and pc hope the gameplay makes up for it O_O

3337d ago
TheXgamerLive3337d ago

You must be an ever loving blind as hell sand in your vagina fan girl.

ps3 version is the worst of the bunch easily sceene by the naked eye.

jmmurillo863337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

If you see the same that I do, PC is the worst version of all! Sure, it is the most sharp, but look at it, is f*cking jagged! On the other hand, the best version might be PS3 because it is the only one that has some AA and also the best DOF, although it looks blurry and has the shortest shadow draw distance. The X360 is also very good: more jagged than PS3, less blurry and more shadow draw distance. I wonder why lighting looks so different (but both good) between consoles.

PC the is the worst version imo. Check all I say is true.

Letros3337d ago

You know you can easily turn 2-16X AA on any PC game. I'm guessing they just didn't use any here for some reason. But by just looking at the screens there I'd agree PS3 looks the best.

champ213337d ago

its hard to make out with just pictures.

i am sure in the end pc will be the superior version.

even running on a 2 yr old gpu.

Anon19743337d ago

I tried looking at these to see what they're talking about and I can't tell the differences. The PS3 version looks, as most PS3 ports do like it has some kind of lightly blurred effect which I think softens the image and makes it look that much more real.

Other than that, I can't really spot a difference between these. Although, I have to admit that Saboteur wasn't really on my radar before this and from what I've seen here I might have to pick this one up. I'm intrigued.

This comparison is close enough to render it meaningless. Just out of curiosity, I wonder what performance is like. For sure if this were running on my PC I'd be pushing 6 fps.

champ213337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

what are the specs on your pc?

whats the gpu on it?

Ghoul3337d ago


they look the same, sure they differ a lil. But taht's normal and common sense that due to the different AA methods cgu and cpu architecture the games will differ slightly.

but if you think you can say that one is better then the other
then you seriously mistake your personal taste for technical knowledge.

i nearly throw up by now with all those gamers, that think only because the play video games they know what a game looks performs or plays by some lousy screenshots.

as allways only ONE rule applyes. BUY THE GAME FOR YOUR PLATTFORM and shut up about the plattforms you dont even own.

if you own both i can assure that the choice of plattform is more about the controller and what plattform you envy most due to ertain aspects as if you want live or not.

LONEWOLF2313337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

All of you guys are wrong!
The Turbo Graphics version looks way better than the PC, 360 and PS3 version!

Anyways yeah the PS3 version looks great. This is the first time that i see a 3rd party 360 game that looks like most 3rd party PS3 games..... look at that blurry mess on the

DelbertGrady3337d ago

How can anyone take these silly german comparisons seriously?

Nihilism3337d ago

I just come for the kranskies

Statix3337d ago

The PS3 is the clear loser? I don't think so. The PS3 version has FSAA while the 360 version has no AA (more jaggies); also, in most of the screenshots, it seems as though the PS3 version has more contrast and deeper colors.

Pennywise3337d ago

shows how petty we can be... squabbling about a 6/10 piece of crap.

File this one under, WHO CARES.

HolyOrangeCows3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

PC version (With decent GPU) > PS3 Version > 360 version (More jaggy)

So much for the "Better multiplats" argument.

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raztad3337d ago


The point of jmmurillo is why to post a substandard PC screenshot. This isnt even a video. You just need to max out, putting at least 4xAA, and grab the screen.

Is this a openworld game? it doesnt look very hot in any platform.

jmmurillo863337d ago

Anyway, I was talking about the screenshots.

dirthurts3337d ago

It's a fail.
jmmurillo obviously isn't a pc gamer...and knows nothing about pc visual settings. You can tell that by the terminology used. I think you're giving more credit than is due.
The win is the pointing out the capabilities of a capable pc to a console gamer. Their false sense of superiority is... disappointing to say the least.
Not that there is anything wrong with consoles. I love them too, but please inform yourself.

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Rocco Siffredi3337d ago

PS3 looks washed out.. nothing new.

4point7BillionLoss3337d ago

sony version inferior and cost $4.7 billion extra to make

PirateThom3337d ago

360 has RRoD.... nothing new.
360 down in sales.... nothing new.
Microsoft Entertainment division, never made profit, down $6.7b.... nothing new

lh_swe3337d ago

This is especially prominent in the 4th screenshot. But then again without those MS fanboy glasses that would be impossible to see.

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pyramid3337d ago

Ps3 losing again.Who is suprised?

t8503337d ago

xbox loses to the pc too. its just not the ps3.

now if you are comparing the ps3 to the xbox, then they will be about even.

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