TalkingAboutGames: Diner Dash Review

TAG writes: "It doesn't take long to see that Diner Dash for the Xbox Live Arcade at its worst is a below average game. Part fantasy, part reality and part offensive social satire, this game places you in the role of Flo, a woman dissatisfied with her 9 to 5 and seeking to make a name for herself in the restaurant industry.

Trading the hectic life of paper pushing for the no less hectic life of trying to please everyone all of the time, what Diner Dash does right is convey the sense of urgency and stress every waitress surely feels when trying to juggle multiple tasks at once. (In fact, the only way to communicate said urgency any faster or as effectively would have been to title the game, "Diner Dash: I only have two hands [expletive deleted]!"

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