The Witcher Director's Cut 50% Off on D2D

Direct2Drive's 24 Days of Christmas sale continues, today offering up 50% off The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut.

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Nihilism3241d ago

Do yourselves a favour and buy this game, I honestly prefer this game to dragon age, it's that good. Much more memorable for me anyway

JsonHenry3241d ago

This game is head and shoulders better than Dragon Age. If you have to the ability to play this on your PC in any capacity you owe it to yourself to pick it up.

trgz3241d ago

$20 = £11.97 (at least for today)
In the UK, Amazon are doing it already for £11.55 inc p+p and you get a hard copy - it's a no-brainer.
When will people realise that D2D, Steam etc aren't necessarily going to be the cheapest even if you're seemingly avoiding the expense of a hard copy and postage. Borderlands on D2D is $50 (£29.96) - Amazon UK £24.99, Play £17.99!
And I noticed that D2D are selling Area51 which is a free download anyway.

trgz3241d ago

Amazon have just raised the price back up to £14.99

TheDudeAbides3241d ago

The Witcher is an awesome game, really deep and interesting world. I played it on PC, but i'd wish to play it again on console, hope those guys will be able to this, it may be hard for a small studio when they got The Witcher 2 already in the works.

BYE3241d ago

Can't download it from EU store :/