GameZone: Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! Review

GameZone writes: "Some people excel at sports. Others are excellent with their hands, allowing them to build anything from a bird house to an AT-AT bed (Seriously, who does that?). My talents have always been a bit less useful than others, as schools don't necessarily advance you for being good at Crazy Taxi or spouting obscure movie quotes in lieu of actual conversation. Discovering Scene It? was a bit of a revelation, as it allowed me to flex my sponge-like intellect while besting the brains of my closest friends and leaving their pride in a gelatinous clump on the living room rug. After two Xbox 360-exclusive entries, Scene It? has finally blasted its way onto the PS3 with Bright Lights! Big Screen!, bringing with it a horde of new questions and clips from the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Like many of these slam-bang action flicks however, this package isn't without its share of problems."

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