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Mr Face Creamer3904d ago

What a spectacular achievement, especially since you guys have only released 27 titles in 5 years.

vhero3904d ago

Wow what a fanboyish comment go take them somewhere else please. This is great news for them and shows its a popular franchise.

fishd3904d ago

HOLY CRAP!that's a lot!

Also R&C surpassed 25 million few weeks ago

GT is at around 53 million

I think Buzz! is also pretty big

nice to see Sony got some big franchise,they are really important

eagle213904d ago

imagine a Michael Jackson Singstar.....easily 5 million+ more sales. :)

Mr Tretton3904d ago

It's weird, you don't think much of these franchises, see nothing about their sales, and yet...

Solans Scott3904d ago

I always knew the series existed but I had no idea that it was so popular!

blackpanther253904d ago

I remember playing it in Best Buy and I thought it was a very good game. Unfortunately, people in my house don't like to sing matter what so there was no need to buy it.

Wildarmsjecht3904d ago

i can imagine you and yemi singing...its not a pretty sight.

blackpanther253904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

yeah two black dudes singing a Britney spears song will not work

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