Shadowrun - Demo Goes Live 07 June!

That's right. 2am PDT, 7th June. Confirmed.

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gta_cb4273d ago

cool, wounder how it will play out.

Havince4272d ago

from getting it coz of poor reviews

thi a demo will make my mind up 100%

VaeVictus4272d ago

I thought the demo was already for sale...b/c that is about what the disc is, a demo.

JsonHenry4272d ago

your statement is so true. There is almost NO content, and the levels are lacking so much detail it is not funny. It looks like a last gen game and plays like total crap.

I rented the game... forced myself to play for 2 hours in the hopes I would reall like it, and took it right back.

Whoever green lighted this game thinking it was a finished product needs to be fired.

nice_cuppa4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

its very hardcore. ( no casual gamers allowed )
its also very very good.

hardcore, team based fps, with magic and futuristic tech and everything.

its on !

sak5004272d ago

Cool, will definately chk out the demo. Been playing team based fps like BF online for years.

eLiNeS4272d ago

for a price drop before picking this up. I can't see paying $60 for half a game. I will be playing the demo though.

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The story is too old to be commented.