15 Sega Genesis Games that Hold Up Today

The Sega Genesis is a tad underappreciated. This site has already posted about how this console was great for the RPG genre despite the SNES getting more glory. However, that was not the only genre that flourished on the Genesis/Mega Drive.

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Jiub40d ago

Shining Force is on my long list of game series should be revived. Same with console Phantasy Star

Fonsecap40d ago

Shining Force 1, 2 and 3 were awesome, the third one can only be played with emulation along with the translation project because of Episode 2 and 3 that were only released in JP. But I agree, I don't know why SEGA don't revive this franchise, tactics games are very well accepted these days.

Jiub40d ago

I didn't know that about the third one. After the success of the last Fire Emblem, I can't imagine why we don't get more tactics RPGs out there. I'd even take a tactics ogre at this point

DarthMarvin39d ago

Unfortunately, as far as I know, none of the team that worked on Shining Force are still with what is now Camelot, so a revival is pretty much impossible and will almost certainly disappoint if they tried. Just look at the gacha mobile trash that's coming out next year. It's sad to say, but like Lunar, Shining Force is dead. The best we can hope for is another talented developer to make something heavily inspired by it, but thus far nobody has.

curtain_swoosh39d ago

i love shining force. i need a bundle with all the games in it.

but the mobile game is coming soon anyways :)

Petebloodyonion40d ago

I'm sorry but I feel the list has been made by a person checking his own backlog catalog.
Mortal Kombat 2? missing half of the sounds and animation from the arcade.
And can we say Super dark soul difficulty when we say Earthworm Jim 2

Here's my pick for still holding up and fun

- Shinobi Shadow Dancer, not too tough nor too easy with a good arcade challenge 1 hour long to complete.
- Gunstar Heroes
- Nhl 94
- Thunder Force 3

Shuckylad39d ago

The 16 bit era in general has aged better than any pre hd generation imo.

Fist4achin39d ago

Great lost with lots of memories. A reboot of the Shadowrun game and Shining Force would keep me entertained and busy for a long time.

curtain_swoosh39d ago

-Sonic 2, 3 and knuckles, pinball
-that one x-men game i always forget its name
-that one fighting game that has different characters (a fishmen, an assassin lady, a private detective from the 70s etc)
-shining force 2
-dynamite heady (probably the best looking genesis game, imo)
-wonderboy in monster world

those are the ones that come to mind ha.

Yui_Suzumiya39d ago

Sega CD version is so much better though.. I had both versions back in the 90's

curtain_swoosh38d ago

oh yeh, thats the name. i always forget it haha.

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