BeefJack: Gyromancer Review

BeefJack writes: "Gyromancer is what would happen if Final Fantasy and Bejewelled twist had a baby with the creators of Bejewelled (Popcap) and the creators of Final Fantasy (Square Enix) teaming up to create this RPG cross Puzzle game, why reinvent the wheel when you have the two perfectly good ones already in place. The story for this game is basic Qraist Kingsley rebel knight and leader of Temperance (revolutionaries) has fled into Aldemona Wood after launching an attack on the Royals killing Count Laertes and his wife with their son Everett missing. A new god/ruler of the wood is about to be chosen and its borders have been closed while this takes place. None shall pass and magickal beasts defend the wood against intruders. The kingdom has sent you, the great Mage Rivel Arday to hunt down the Temperance to bring them to justice."

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