Tank Ace Online: First Trailer released

Publisher GamesCampus has revelead that the open beta for their upcoming Tank-Warfare game "Tank Ace Online" will go live later this year and the final game will follow in early 2010. To celebrate this news they now have released a first trailer.

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theultimateend3424d ago

I highly suggest that anyone interested in the game sign up for the closed beta test coming in less than 10 days! You can sign up on the main page and it is quick and easy.


There are currently competitions running on the forums and for the youtube video. We'll be providing the players with the best experience we possibly can for a game that I am highly excited about. Seriously get in now and earn yourself some major cash while also getting informed on all the wonderful intricacies of this wonderful war game.

Your tank will be your canvas as you add all sorts of unique touches like kill marks, armor plating (I highly suggest you do)

So I hope everyone comes and gives it a gander. You'll visit for the tanks and stay for the tank shells! :)

PS. We now have a user guide up for people to get accustomed to how all the various features function.

- Rico