Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Three Video Documentaries

In Part 1 of the panel, the creators of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed discuss a multitude of topics about the eagerly awaited Star Wars title. In part two, the developers field questions from the audience as well as discussing the technology behind the game.

In the third video the storyline that takes place between episodes three and four is explained, as well as the ability to combine powers to create something you've never seen before.

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DeadlyFire4739d ago

Happy to see that there will be a multiplayer mode, but still very disappointed in the game not being on the PC platform or at least mention that another SW Jedi Knight game will be on the PC platform sometime soon. No doubt Force Unleashed will be a good game, but its just not what I want from a SW game. I will still buy it, but I want my PC with a new SW game.

tplarkin74738d ago

They are putting real talent into the game and it shows. But we don't know very much, now.