MSI Showcases its Dual GPU RX2600 Geminium Card

At the MSI booth, Hothardware had the opportunity to take a close look at the RX2600 Geminium, a dual GPU Radeon 2600Pro graphics card! It has a clock speed of 800MHz and memory speed of 1400MHz, with 1GB of DDR3.

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ben hates you4739d ago

awesome find, this is ATI isnt it?

WilliamRLBaker4739d ago

but its not ati made, its made by a company that licenses ati components, and overclocks..ect them.

Other companies that do this are saphire,BFG,XFX...ect

gta_cb4738d ago

Saphire are really good =)

reaperxciv4739d ago

ati should keep on saturating the market with dx10 video cards, this will keep prices low (esp nvidia cards), and this will be a benefit to us all

Silvia0074739d ago

And it only draws 10kilowatts of power... seriously though... it probably comes with it's own power plug that goes into a 230 volt recepticle.

FadeToBlack4739d ago

Any idea how much this card costs?