Warhawk Beta: Hands-on

AMN gets their hands-on one of the most talked about and troubled PS3 games to date.

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fenderputty4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

Flying a Warhawk with the motion control is a total blast. I usually am not into capture the flag games but, this game pulls it off nicely. My favorite weapon are the binoculars. Those things pack a MAJOR punch and work wonderfully at taking out ground defenses.

THC PRITCHARD4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

this game sounds like it can easy top halo 3

No mate cause if u fall for halo 3 u are as dumb as u may look

This is a new type of multilayer game that in my eyes looks like it can top halo 3

and i am not a fanboy i did own halo 2 and by well think halo 3 is a 2.5

So yes this game may top Halo 3 again

so will haze

Halo 3 is just a name that people will drool on

if i had sh*t with halo on it u would buy it mate

Ok i am interested in the story that is halo 3

But games are now focus on Multilayer That is no way by far halo 3

fenderputty4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

Halo is in a world of it's own. It could be the worst of the three in the series and it will still sell well. Can't we just talk about Warhawk without drawing negative attention from other fanboys?

Edit: lol @ the disagrees

Apparently you decided to disregard the meaning of my post to continue your lame comparison and flamebait material.

jwatt4567d ago

I don't know why we compare everything to Halo, this game looks fun though.

Premonition4567d ago

As soon as that patch comes out for warhawk im gonna be on non stop, theres just so much action online almost everywhere you go, Incognito really needs to advertise this game its real fun.

Vojkan4567d ago

You do realise that Halo 3 is ONLY big in USA? In Europe no one cares that much, not to mention Japan where most of the people would go "Halo what?". Ok disagree with me just because you are a fanboy but that is the fact.
I haven't played Warhawk and dont care that much but lets stop with this Halo 3 overrating, please!

fenderputty4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

I wanted to leave Halo out of this thread so idiots like you wouldn't draw negative attention to this thread. Now I'll probably have to read though comparisons and flamewars when none should have existed.

Edit: #6 is the first one.

XxZxX4567d ago

If you play alot in warhawk beta v1.0 , you will realize playing anything on MAX 32 player server = crash alot. I have been playing MAX 16 and MAX 8 games and never had a crash for damn long time.

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The story is too old to be commented.