Dark Void Official Trailer

Capcom has just released the final trailer for Dark Void, their FPS that is set to be released on Jan 19th 2010. The Dark Void trailer shows off the main character Will as he battles a murderous and mechanical alien species known as the Watchers.

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omicron0094816d ago

damn, that looks like a kick ass game

Fishy Fingers4816d ago

Rumours are Brad Pitt's production company are handling a movie based upon this and he will play the lead role.

Mario Mergola4816d ago

Awesome trailer, that game looks really good.

streety519a4816d ago

I wanted this game to suck because it would mean one less game I would have to buy in 2010. But it looks awesome! Damn you Capcom! My wallet is crying right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.