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GrE writes, "When the zombie apocalypse comes, the good people at Valve will definitely outlive us all (assuming they didn't cause it that is). They already have plenty of experience in the zombie killing business thanks to the 2008 release of Left 4 Dead – and here we are just one year later, with L4D2! Valve took a lot of heat for launching a sequel so soon after the original dropped, but make no mistake, this is no expansion. There are new campaigns, new infected, new weapons, and new game modes to satisfy your craving for delicious brains..."

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squif3244d ago

This is a must buy for whatever platform you prefer!

bgrundman3244d ago

Come on, if you get it for anything, it should be PC.

Nihilism3244d ago

Why is it a must buy?

The gameplay is exactly the same as L4D1, just different weapons, different characters and locations. It just just version B of L4D1.

I already wasted my money on the first, i'll give it a miss

GCO Gamer3243d ago

That's funny because I said the same thing before playing it. Even though it seems like a version B of Left 4 Dead, it really isn't. You should rent it, and see if you'll have the same output.

Pandamobile3243d ago

Dchal, you don't play games online, do you? No wonder you didn't like it.

Nihilism3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Actually that's one of the reasons I don't play online. I did play L4D online, and they were winy little b!tches. Playing online with a bunch of nerds with headsets isn't my idea of a good time, I play games for my own enjoyment, not for e-peen

Just been playing Mass Effect, no winy teens there.

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starven3244d ago

This is an awesome game. A must own.

wondroushippo3244d ago

It all makes sense now. Valve is using Left 4 Dead to finance their version of the zombie apocalypse. Also, to mis-train people by playing the game.

TheIneffableBob3244d ago

No, no, no. What Valve are doing is over-preparing us for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. You see, the zombies in Left 4 Dead are all Usain Bolts, barreling towards us at first glance. In actuality, the zombies we will fight will simply shamble towards us.

bgrundman3244d ago

This is certainly not the glorified expansion pack people accused it of being.

wondroushippo3244d ago

The AI director insulted my momma.

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