Dark Fall: Lost Souls Goes Gold

Darkling Room's creator of the game Jonathan Boakes said: "Gold! Lost Souls, the third Dark Fall game, has finally 'gone gold', which means it is ready for stores. This last stage seems to have taken quite a bit of time, to finalize, but with a new OS (Windows 7), it is always best to test, test and test some more. The extra time has allowed for me to tweak a few elements, as well as augment others (a lot more scary sounds!). It means I have been spending quite a lot of time, inside The Station Hotel, exploring the darkest world I am likely to create. If my previous game, The Lost Crown, boasted "the most 'realistic' ghost-hunting adventure", then Lost Souls will definitely be the creepiest adventure. Don't play it alone, or at night, and NEVER play it in the dark. The Dark Fall is waiting... your hotel room awaits. I can't guarantee rest and relaxation, but I can promise you'll have nightmares."

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