PlayStation 1: The audiophile's dream?

Sometimes Destructoid get these tips that come out of left field. Destructoid got one late last night from reader Riku, who talks about his dad's unusual acquisition for his high-end audio setup:


My father's hobby is to search for "the perfect sound" making him a high-end audiophile. I was very surprised when I saw an old Playstation 1 (Version SCPH-1001/2) plugged into his super expensive audio rig. He told me, that that particular version of the console has RCA-inputs in the back which has a superb sound output. The console has become an underground sensation in the Hi-Fi scene. He told me to check out some articles at, an audiophile website."

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kingboy4156d ago

my dad even bought himself a ps1 because of this audio quality

WilliamRLBaker4156d ago

of the RCA jacks in the back, there pretty much isn't an audio setup that doesn't support them, Its not the best sounding cd player, but it is the most versitile in terms of price and hookups.

SmokeyMcBear4156d ago

ah negative nancy, commmenting about things you know nothing about. Maybe you should read more, and type less. Education is a good thing.

WilliamRLBaker4156d ago

Lets see you have 2 ballons I have 3, hmmm wonder what that says bout your opinion?

Lets see your ignored by 10 users, i've ignored by 2...hmmmm

LEts see the PLAYSTATION 1 is not the best cd player out there, If it was more people would use it, The reason the ps1 is an audiophiles dream is because its a cheap cd player that the original had RCA jacks and nearly every stereo system, sound setup supports those.

kspraydad4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

This news was covered at least 6 months ago by MSNBC


By Gary Krakow
Updated: 7:24 p.m. ET Nov 10, 2006

Gary Krakow
• E-mail
Is there an original Sony PlayStation game console still in use in your home? Or do you have your PS1 buried at the bottom of a closet?

It turns out your video game console may be worth a lot more than you think. You might actually own one of the best sounding, high-fidelity CD players out there.

Audiophiles have been abuzz about PlayStation 1 audio for some time now. There has been a lot of experimenting with these game consoles with some very interesting results.


solidt124156d ago

This just goes to show how Sony uses quality components in their products. Even way back then.

4156d ago
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