Microsoft working on 'new experience in the Halo universe'

CC: We've been searching through the job listings again (after we found that Rainbow Studios arecurrently developing for next-generation consoles) and we now believe that another Halo title is in development other than Halo: Reach.

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mj2463246d ago

I wouldn't mind Bungie doing another one, though i would prefer Epic taking a break after Gears 3 then smashing the Halo experience!

Icyhot3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Epic doing Halo would kill the online multiplayer as I have lost trust in them after the Gears 2 online fiasco. Epic are better of doing Gears as they don't know sh!t about how to make a good story.

I knew Bungie would break and go crawling back to M$ for a Halo title sometime, but they cracked even before the launch of Reach LMFAO. Bungie should accept the fact that they are a one trick pony and do what they do best... Make Halo games.

Tony P3246d ago

343? Of course.

Bungie? Don't see it.

Probably taking it far too literally. Just mentioning Halo in a Bungie listing isn't proof in itself. It's their most famous game and in fact mentioned at least once in all their listings on Gamasutra.

mjolliffe3246d ago

I think it's the fact that the Bungie listing asks if someone has "10 ideas on how to make Halo’s player interface better" makes it quite clear that they're working on a new Halo title.

Kushan3246d ago

@Icyhot that would be true if everything else Bungie made crashed and bombed, but since they've only made Halo Games for the past decade, how can you honestly say it's all they are good at? See what happens when they release something new and different before saying something like that.

Nihilism3246d ago

'new experience' clearly means natal halo game. How very very lame.

Shadow Flare3246d ago

I wonder how many halo games we'll see this generation. We've already seen 3 with a 4th on the way. Now it sounds like there'll be a 5th. Within one generation. Got milk?

Tony P3246d ago

@mjolliffe: Yeah, but that's one question among many asked in the introduction. All you have to do is read it and you'd know it's not conclusively proving anything about a new *Bungie* Halo. The link to the listing is right there in the article. It just needs to be read.

Minimox163245d ago

Halo kart? Halo Party? Halo dance dance marine revolution? or maybe halo hero, they said "new experience" :\

just saying....

Shepherd 2143245d ago

to be fair, Hideo Kojima has not worked on anything significant outside of Metal Gear Solid for many years, so anyone bashing Bungie for sticking with Halo would be a bit out of line.

Consoldtobots3245d ago

someone actually had the cojones to use the word new in connection with the Halo franchise?


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dpdvxkpizbnwg3246d ago

Nah i'd hate epic to doa nything other than Gears, unless it's their original game.

Nac3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

"It" only does trolling.

commodore643245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )


It only does superior multiplats.

It only does not.

AuToFiRE3245d ago

Microsoft Xbox 360:
It only does milk

aaron58293245d ago

That's hilarious...

I thought it only does cows

robotnik3245d ago

Xbox, it doesn't have GAMES.

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Rocco Siffredi3246d ago

PS3 - It only patches everything!

back to topic: REACH will be the best halo game ever! Better graphics as in KZ2 were already confirmed. And the gameplay is always the best in a Halo game..

Nac3246d ago

What evidence do you have to back any of your claims?

3246d ago
lh_swe3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Really? Are you that stupid? You base that opinion of a couple of HHG claims and those shaky cam pics from not too long ago?
Considering that no-one apart from Bungie has access to the game there is no verifying that claim.

If Halo Reach did match KZ2 graphically I'd be surprised and happy because as of yet I have had no proof it and I would like to see some 360 devs up their game to the level of ND and GG and considering they are working on "more complex hardware" and it being "soo much harder to develop for the PS3" I am surprised 360 devs haven't capitalised on their "easy to develop for hardware".

champ213246d ago


microsoft are working on "new experiences in the halo universe"


galo kart
galo party
galo tennis
galo painting

as they are aware the bot fanbase will stop at nothing to support this franchise..

also nothing else they do will sell.

Nac3246d ago

Bet your feeling pretty proud of yourself. Turning Halo into Galo. Which looks more like it reads "Gallow" instead of "Gaylo"(which I am sure is the desired effect). Not going to lie, it doesnt really work without the Y, maybe next time champ...

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