Gamer's Intuition: Left 4 Dead 2 Review

From the review: "L4D2 is set on the Georgia/Louisiana border with four new player characters: Coach, a middle-aged paternal figure; Ellis, a cheerfully optimistic mechanic and good old boy; Nick, a shady gambler and con man in a Miami Vice suit, and Rochelle, a sassy intern reporter in a Depeche Mode T-shirt. The sequel also introduces a few new game elements: melee weapons, ranging from crowbars to frying pans to katana, a few variants on the original firearms (three kinds of automatic rifles, two submachine guns, two scoped rifles, etc.), a new throwable (boomer bile, which allows you to replicate the zombie-attracting effects of its namesake), and adrenaline, which may be carried in lieu of painkiller pills for a burst of energy. Also introduced was a defibrillator, which may be carried instead of a first aid kit to revive a dead player."

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oh boy. Can I even take a review seriously when it contains that sentence?

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it reads like a shopping list. :/

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