Cut the shit! – Product placement in Video games?

NoobTalk: What are really the negatives about this? Developers get a bigger budget for better tools, more staff or just more time to polish and improve on the game. However, the risks are that the game in question could become a joke, with advertisement on EVERYTHING, maybe even having the main character dress up to look like Ronald McFuckingDonald… Oh the awful thought!

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3338d ago
FishCake9T43338d ago

Advertisements make a game more realistic. I cant imagine racing around Daytona with NASCARs in GT5 with without advertisements everywhere, it just would not be like the real thing.

ABizzel13338d ago

As long as they don't interfere with my game it's ok. When you play a game, then it breaks to a commercial of a product then we have a problem.

ThatArtGuy3338d ago

but in others it sticks out like a major sore thumb. When I played the first NFS: Underground it made me roll my eyes *every* time I raced by the Best Buy. I instantly spot it in movies too. When Peter Parker is trying his web shooters for the first time in his room in Spider-Man, he webs up a Dr. Pepper can, specifically. It could have been a lamp, or a clock radio, but him shooting the Dr. Pepper can *instantly* took me out of the movie. It made me specifically think "I'm being advertised to."

That's just not cool.

dgroundwater3338d ago

As long as the game takes place in the "real world" it is fine by me. Sports games, or even the Tom Clancy games are good examples of where it is appropriate to place real ads.

THIS AD however crossed the line. I can see a Coca Cola machine here or there, but come on!

ReservoirDog3163337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Yeah this guy's addicted to cigarettes first of all. Second, I don't think GTA will ever have product placement cause companies want to be family friendly and GTA is far from family friendly. But I'm taking it too literally with that one.

Product placement is cool if used right. As in the old Splinter Cell games. Had some product placement but it made it feel more real and wasn't very obtrusive.

Also if it let's the developer lower the price (did NFL 2K6 do this to only charge $20 a few years ago, before the EA monopolization of NFL games?).

But regardless, unless it has an annoying commercial feeling to it, in game advertisements are really nothing to whine about.

edit: @above

Haha, call me weak minded but I actually started buying Axe after that.

Ravage273337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

it is used in games like Heavy Rain. It will add to the realism, not to mention that i've always felt that risky/niche games like HR should get a free pass when it comes to product endorsements, it will help to recoup the dev cost

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jadenkorri3337d ago

obvious a game like fable2, or Demons souls ads would not be appropriate, products like axe and coca cola would not or should not be there, but a fps like tom Clancy its ok.

TapiocaMilkTea3337d ago

Yeah...big in a modern setting with ads are fine, it's more realistic anyways.
I you roll your eyes everytime you see your own can of coke sitting on your table?

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ThanatosDMC3336d ago

I dont mind brand names on console games. As long as they're not installing crap on my PC. Remember BF:2142?

Besides, it just makes it look more "realistic".

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cmacdonald3338d ago

I don't mind it. If it's realistic who cares.

Shotgun_Roamer3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

It doesn't REALLY bother me to see a coke machine, visa credit card, or smith and wesson gun, seeing i never really pay attention, and because it's not over-kill. It's subtle enought to be present without feeling intrusive. However, the first time i here a character say " hop in my new 450 hp ford mustang, and i'll show you the american advantage" then the line has been crossed.

Timesplitter143338d ago

It's not like it's stopping you from playing or anything. It doesn't bother me at all.

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