Go!GamingGiant: Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! Review

GoGamingGiant reviews the next installment of "Scene It?".

"It's not often that a sequel takes a step backwards. Sure sometimes sequels are worse than the original but it's rare when the sequel is actually a step down from the previous title in the series. Somehow, Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! actually manages to do this."

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omicron0093299d ago

thanks for the heads up, was going to get this as a xmas gift, now ill pass.

Liuqahs153299d ago

Never even planned to touch it. I could've guessed it'd be this bad.

Kamikaze83299d ago

another scene it game? how many do we need?

Ramin1233299d ago

a bit like most of the games on the wii, you can be sure many stupid people will buy this anyway....sadness

Murgatroyd73299d ago

I personally think the Scene It? games are a lot of fun. My wife and I enjoy trivia, so I don't really see why buying it would be stupid if it allows us to have a good time together.

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