EA Unveils Next Generation Lord of the Rings RPG

Electronic Arts announced today the development of The Lord of the Rings, The White Council, an all-new RPG for the Xbox 360, PlayStation3, and PC. The game, inspired by the New Line Cinema feature film trilogy that grossed more than $3 billion, will feature an original storyline derived from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings novels under an agreement with EA. The game is scheduled to ship in late 2007.

“Our extremely talented and dedicated team is committed to creating an incredible new experience for fans of The Lord of the Rings and role playing gamers,” said Steve Gray, executive producer, The Lord of the Rings, The White Council. “With its next generation gameplay and epic new storyline, we think The Lord of the Rings, The White Council will be a huge success.”

Players have the freedom to explore the open world of Tolkien’s Middle-earth™ in The Lord of the Rings, The White Council. Players can choose their role as a man, an elf, a dwarf, or a hobbit. Each role’s destiny is to become a hero allied with the White Council, whose members include the famed characters Gandalf, Saruman, Galadriel, and Elrond.

A combination of stunning graphics and expansive environments, along with the freedom of movement demonstrates the innovation and quality of the next-generation RPG, where players can create their own adventures.

Source: EA

Marriot VP6579d ago

It's about time, make it better than oblivion and please for the love of all that's decent make it ONLINE. MMORPG

Sphinx6579d ago

It sounds like Oblivion with less options... only 4 races? But, if they were to allow for Mulitplayer or online options, it would more than make up for it.

zypher6579d ago

Oblivion meets LotR? count me in. your hero/heroine must have to achieve some pretty lofty goals (aka hard quests) to seek membership with such an exalted lot as the White Council. maybe they'll have specific nations as an option for race class, such as Rohirim or Gondorian for humans, Rivendal or Lothlorein for elven, etc. glad to see EA making use of the novels as a source moreso than just the movies.

rocky50001006579d ago

will never be as good as oblivion. but they should have mmorpg

Asuka6579d ago

Must pick this one up! It would be sooo awesome if it was an MMORPG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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is this the game that requires an online connection to stream textures to your console?


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