Ten Examples of Japanese Video Games Borrowing From American Pop Culture

OC Weekly writes: "It's common thought that the Japanese make the most interesting and original video games, right? Games like Super Mario Bros, Final Fantasy and the Legend of Zelda involved saving a kingdom of mushroom people, riding birds the size of horses, and slaying boars with silver arrows--where do they come up with this stuff?

But! What many fail to realize is that most of the "original" game ideas from Japanese video games were stolen (or uh, "inspired by") from other sources of media. Character design and music from these games, in particular, seem to be carbon copies from others. Coincidence, paying homage, or straight-up plagiarism? Scroll through some of our fave instances and decide for yourselves."

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Rocket Sauce3244d ago

Mr. T would crush Barret with a single gold chain

SpoonyRedMage3244d ago

Surely the biggest example is how Final Fantasy continually rips off Star Wars?

4pocalyps33244d ago

i am actually curious how does final fantasy copy star wars?

and i don't want "...duhh cuz its set in another universe where there are airships and stuff duude!"

ThatArtGuy3244d ago

Just how Lucas ripped off Japanese films too?

LostDjinn3244d ago

Running around killing critters with that was fun. On the other hand though, how much have western dev's "borrowed" from eastern culture? I'm sure it's not a one way thing.

SpoonyRedMage3244d ago

Yup, just like how Lucas copies Japanese films. It's not a bad thing, especially considering Akira Kurosawa copied old westerns(and then westerns copied him... so weird).

Well Final Fantasy took the names Biggs and Wedge from Star Wars for one and how about Golbez from FFIV, a big guy in full black armour who's being manipulated using his dark emotions by a strange, shrouded figure who turns out to be a close relative of the hero... or how about FFXII which amongst other things uses the Strahl to recreate the Millenium Falcon taking off nearly shot for shot?

Budg3tG4m3r3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

A Jedi is nothing but a space samurai and new films from japan are like westerns or zombies. It's all give and take, we are all gods children (whatever god you love) so in the end we all share one culture.

Rocket Sauce3244d ago

Final Fantasy rips off lots of movies.

Aeris from FF 7 is a big ripoff of the flower girl from a Charlie Chaplin movie called City Lights. The whole idea of Midgar is lifted from Metropolis. There's a part in FF 8 where you're loaded into a giant gun and shot into space that's taken straight out of A Trip to the Moon. And, yeah, a HUGE chunk of dialog from the end of FF 9 is taken from Star Wars.

And Setzer from FF 6 pisses me off because he's a low-rent Gambit wannabe

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BX813244d ago

LMAO! The Adam Sandler one was a stretch!

Evocation3244d ago

American... Beatles... ^_- right

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