IncGamers: MMO News Wrap Up #11

IncGamers rounds up all the MMO news from the past week.

This time, the wrap-up includes news on Aion, Kingdom Under Fire II, EVE Online, Champions Online, Warhammer Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Trek Online.

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Maticus3955d ago

The Aion video is simply stunning. I just hope half of this stuff ends up in the game.

AndyA3955d ago

Yeah, saw that the other day. Great vid.

Malfurion3955d ago

But it's been filmed... Surely it's in development already?

Leord3955d ago

I think the content that have in it so far is brilliant. I'd be surprised if less than half of it was included :)

thetamer3955d ago

Kingdom Under Fire is on my list of must-haves. I'll be highly interested to see how they make it an MMO though. It'll kill most machines. Not Macs, of course, PCs.

Maticus3955d ago

I hope they make that more like the Crusaders rather than Circle of Doom o.O

Leord3955d ago

You're saying Macs are inherently better at gaming? o.O

Not even Mac fans usually say stuff like that.

Fyzzu3955d ago

Goddd, that Aion stuff looks stunning. And I want to see the Nemesis confrontations, too...

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