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Bioware to develop for PS3 in-house

BioWare plans to do PlayStation 3 development in-house from now on following the positive experience it had working on the console version Dragon Age: Origins (you'll find our review here).

"We think it's one of the key platforms, obviously, so we're definitely going to be doing PS3," BioWare final boss Greg Zeschuk told Joystiq when asked whether the studio would take control of PS3 development itself.

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Wrong source this is the source of your article it even says so in the first paragraph.
Darkfocus5317d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
-OmarJA-5317d ago

Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 confirmed? maybe a PS3 exclusive? anyway i can't wait to see what they will bring up next...

Just bought DAO amazing game.

Xeoset5317d ago

Really? With the 'efforts' they've put into it so far I'd only expect small time works, more than likely PSN games, until the next-generation.

Keowrath5317d ago

Xeoset knowing Bioware for who they are, I just don't see them doing a "small" game, let alone something for the PSN. With my own experiences with the company I would expect a good 60 hour+ game and I just don't see that happening via PSN.

At this point I doubt we'll see Mass Effect on the PS3 but I really can't wait for what then end up delivering. Been a fan of theirs since the original Baldurs gate and Torment. Can't wait to see what they bring to Sonys console next!

mastiffchild5317d ago

Why Xeoset? SAO was a great first effort on the PS3 so why ever wouldn't they push for making all their future products pecilled in for PS/360 on it as well for the extra revenue? I'm sure EA will help them budget wise in any case, aren't you? Nesides, what use would they have for piffling around with a fwew PSN games when they could be raking in some serious cash? Perhaps DAO was a trial run for future, fully in house PS3 developments.

I'm not sold on NE1,2 or 3 for PS3 myself either but I don't rule ANY of them out as I'm sure both Bio and EA would like to see it there but different IP could easily make it to PS3 in the next coule of years adn coding ME1 and 2 over would be a much easier project andif they could do it on one disc to make a super long intro to the series I'm sure lucrative is a word they'd use themselves. As I say, I'm not thinking it's a done deal but I don't just rule things out as they didn't do DAO for no good reason and for a first attempt matching the 360 version with ease WAS impressive-they seem to be one of the devs that, this generation, can keep their word and not make asses out of themselves in the process. f it wasn't for the awful, awful ME DLC I had the midfortune to play on the PC(why Bio, why?)I'd say they'd have a pretty much faultless current gen record. I'm playing ME through on 360 for the first time now to get my save ready for ME2 and though it's nowhere near as smooth or silky as the PC game it's good enough to enjoy esp when you install it-certainly still a great game and not the downgrade certain other PC to 360 games have been(yes, I'm looking right at you L4D! Now, that's what I call paying thrugh the nose for a WAY less exciting experience with less of virtually everything! Thanks Valve, you sspoil us 360 gamers just with your presence on our system! We wouldn't be so cheeky as to ask for any kind of value or even half of what PC gamers get for, in my case, less than half the price of what we paid on 360! Big, vig rip offwheres the quality, where's the dev support and wheres the community/mod support? So PS3 gamers STOP lusting aftre this overpriced, underpowered game bite with a nefier than anyone should pay pricetag and 360 gamers wake up to the fact they're ripping us off mercilessly-play the PC version for a while and see what the differences, including the prices are and you should agree with me totally and stop loving Valve for conning us).

On the other hand, Bioware,. have been OK with everyone and, that DLC apart, seem to know how to make geat games for everyone while also keeping ther secorum and not ripping off anybody on any platform-let alone badmouthing things, people and communities. They provide a good example of how a PC dev also making console games should behave. Understandably they went t the 360 first as the dev kits are like PC kits in many ways but weren't above trying newer things on the PS3 once they felt they'd reached a good standard on the 360-they show sensibility and a good sense of what's acceptable and appropriate. Good work Bio!

Xeoset5317d ago

My main point involves the length of this generation. It has been said it will last longer than all others and with Natal being Microsofts 'new launch' for the Xbox 360, it seems to span all companies. Bioware are a competent team. Yet, to create an idea, spend years crafting it and THEN start developing it might make their first full title for Sony on the PS4.

Mass Effect started development on the PC before the 360's launch and luckily for the crowd the 360's architecture mechanics are essentially the same as a PC's, thus a swift shift. As Brink dev's have said, the PS3 doesn't reflect this and therefore I believe we still won't see much from Bioware for it.

zeeshan5317d ago

Sometimes, this teasing pisses me off. I have played Mass Effect 1 and honestly speaking, I don't think PS3 owners are missing a lot. The software library of PS3 is far ahead of X360 already and it's going even further next year when GT5, Heavy Rain, GOW3, MAG etc hit the market. Mass Effect has so many issues and glitches! If you have played ME1, you'd know what I am talking about! Yes, the game's story is interesting and takes a big turn when *SPOILER AHEAD* you learn that Citadel is actually a relay for Reapers to use and I enjoyed that bit but technically, the game comes with a lot of issues.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is DEVS should either say "No, it's not coming to PS3" so anyone who wants to play ME1 could either pick up the PC version of buy himself an Xbox360 to play that game OR, they could say "Yes, it's coming to PS3 but not right now" so gamers could sit and wait for the damn thing to arrive on their platform. This "NO COMMENT" or "We are not going to say anything" really hurts gaming and gamers mostly. That's just wrong!

calis5317d ago

Please please please please please do KOTOR3.

sikbeta5317d ago

Is just me, or you end up downplaying Bioware in order to make a negative comment about this Article

DaTruth5317d ago

Sounds like timed exclusive to me, but if not then please just say no PS3 version and be done with it. There could be someone out there who wants it on their PS3 and only has a lower grade PC; What are they to do, sit around waiting? Buy it for their PCrap and get screwed on the timed release?

I'm sure they thought of this and that's why I say timed exclusive. They were probably asked this about ME1 and just said no!

Shotgun_Roamer5317d ago

whatever they end up doing, it's nice to see some more developers realize the reward for developing for the ps3. Hope to se some great exclusives coming soon :D

Ausbo5317d ago

i only have a 360, but i am no fanboy

I think it is great that bioware is bringing games to the ps3, everyone should experience their storytelling masterpieces.

They are great devs and hopefully they continue on the ps3 as well.

Shotgun_Roamer5317d ago

bubbles, ausbo, bubbles. nice to hear some unbiased, no-nonsense talk here. at least someone respects the difference between the open and gamer zones

Budg3tG4m3r5317d ago

Here we go again (shakes head)

Saaking5317d ago

What's really impressive is they managed to not only make a good game on the PS3, but they actually made it superior to it's 360 counterpart. If ME2 does come to PS3, we can expect a great and maybe even better port. I think Bioware really liked what the PS3 offers.

moparful995317d ago

Valve are you taking notes????

The 15317d ago

What else is the dude going to say with ME2 so close to launch? If he reveals that ME2 is never coming to PS3 the fanboys and pro Sony media would destroy the game before it even came out.

They know how bad Sony fanboys want this(to play or to spite the 360) This is why they won't talk about it.

Sarcasm5317d ago

After the result of Dragon Age, they are at least competent with PS3 hardware. So come on Bioware, bring on a PS3 exclusive already!

MGSR THE HD VERSION5317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

they'll be making more multiplat games but they're excluding mass effect out of the picture.

besides, why ask for an other crappy port when you can benefit more from simultaneous development.

calis5317d ago

"What else is the dude going to say with ME2 so close to launch? If he reveals that ME2 is never coming to PS3 the fanboys and pro Sony media would destroy the game before it even came out."

You mean how Gears of War was destroyed by "pro Sony" media? Look how much that affected it's sales.

Please stop talking.

specialguest5317d ago

He was the biggest 360 fanboy on Ebuamsworld forum (but not nearly as bad as N4G fanboys), and I see he still hasn't changed since then.

TheDeadMetalhead5317d ago

inb4 "Mass Effect PS3 Confirmed"


pixelsword5316d ago

Looking kinda' stupid out there standing all by yourself.


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