Four Turkeys to Avoid this Holiday Season

Not all games are created equal: Some are gems, some are turkeys. Here's a quartet of turkey titles to avoid like that fruitcake your great aunt's gonna give you for Christmas.

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Megaton3251d ago

That's a really tame list. Haven't heard of 3 of them, and didn't know the 4th was getting a PS2 port. Where's the undisputed turd of the year, "Tony Hawk: Ride"?

Redempteur3251d ago

there is another tomb raider ???????


3251d ago
NecrumSlavery3251d ago

Why pick shovelware to put on this list? Put big name turkeys like WET or Ninja Blade

lizard812883250d ago

i thought this game might be fun, like drawn to life.

i thought you could draw stuff and it would stay, but it doesn't. it falls to the ground, plus you can only draw basic shapes and you can't pick them up either. need a stair case? have fun drawling tons of squares and drawling them so they fall on each other in the right way.

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