10.0 Review: Sin & Punishment 2 I still remember as if it were yesterday my first encounter with Sin & Punishment 2: I had just come in with the merry gang of inside the Convention Center in LA and we were heading for the hall quietly arranged the withdrawal of the badge 'E3, still partially fucked by a journey lasting 19 hours.

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SpoonyRedMage3247d ago

Awesome but why's it being reviewed now? It seems kinda early unless Nintendo is doing a Ninja release!

Smacktard3247d ago

Uh, it's already been released in Japan.

SpoonyRedMage3247d ago

It's a EUROgamer review though... and there was another review posted today I think...

mastiffchild3247d ago

Well, I think this guy just wanted to review it to be honest-whether it's out here soon or not! Jeez he sounds overly keen doesn't he? I mean, I've been saying this will be as hardcore a game as any on any platform this or any other year-the originaal was and I'd always imagined the change upto full motion controls wouldonly suit this series more. Very pleased that it doesn't seem to have missed it's mark and though this feels a little TOO gushing I'm still sure there's a lot to gush about!

Should have been out in the west a while aho now really as I read it was as good as finished a way back now so just what held it up is beyond me. Still, not long now.

N4g_null3246d ago

Masti treasure doesn't make bad games. It's sin and pun 2 a pure arcade skill fest of addictive game play.

Basicly this is way better than star fox could ever imagine to be.

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Redempteur3246d ago

considering how the first was ..i see no probem with this score ...

Shnazzyone3247d ago

BWA!?! why do we have to wait until 2010 again????

dredgewalker3246d ago

Great game, i have the japanese import version. The controls are spot on and not gimmicky. The graphics are great and reminds me of the good old games i used to play like panzer dragoon. This is a very huge improvement over the first one.

N4g_null3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Hellthe way things are going we just need an einhander 2 and a real bionic command in the marvel vs capcom style along with a sick new strider and ultimate ghousl and ghost.

There may be a fight in line if my area does not get enough copies!

Ahhhh the holidays!