Guardian: Sin & Punishment 2: Successor of the Skies Review

Guardian writes: "Sin & Punishment enjoyed cult status on the N64 and a decent, if largely unnoticed, conversion to Wii's Virtual Console, so it's encouraging to see the sequel get a full UK release."

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pcz3265d ago

I'm playing through this game at the moment (along with all the other great wii releases recently) ... It is brilliant, it has a great arcade feel to it, and the story is actually quite interesting. It has great characters too.

I couldn't help thinking how great it would be if treasure made wii starfox.

I'm only an hour into this game but it is full of so many great ideas and set pieces, the sense of involvement is great.They did a really good job, highly recommended.

SpoonyRedMage3265d ago

Arrr, HMV didn't have it and I seem to have lost of my Visa Card so I don't want to order off Amazon in case I need to report the card missing!

I want this game though!

Mahr3265d ago

Very jealous of Europe, right now. I would choose to endure the extra wait for Galaxy 2 and Other M in a heartbeat if it would mean getting my hands on this sooner.