PSU: Folklore Demo Hands On

The Folklore demo (or Folks Soul as it's known in Japan) was released on the Japanese PlayStation Store today, and we decided to give it a try. It truly shows that you can never judge a game by its cover, as Game Republic may have a massive hit on their hands.

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S A G A T4570d ago

"Gameplay is where Folklore truly excels. Think Final Fantasy genetically spliced with Pokémon and you’ve got a vague idea of how Folklore works."

Don't know if it will live up to those lofty standards, but I can't wait to check it out nevertheless. Looks like something my girlfriend and I can really get into.

OneBubbleBastard4570d ago

Is your name really SAGAT?????

Strange4570d ago

Lol this guy obviously didn't spend too much time in the game...

"In Folklore, one has to capture the ID, or “soul” of a creature, in order to kill it."

Killing a folk and capturing its ID is completely Different.
If the enemy turns red and you continue to attack it, it WILL die and leave no soul to capture. As a matter of fact, you sometimes have to do this in order to upgrade your souls...

PhilHarrison4570d ago

This is truly my favorite example of the power of the PS3 it is amazing, when I tilt the controller things happen, I want to see more appliances implement this wonderful technology developed at Sony. I want to be able to tilt my microwave and see how much time is remaining to cook my meal. I want to tilt my television too change channel. Maybe in the future....

power of Green 4570d ago

Doesn't look too intresting looks like poop.

Cartesian3D4570d ago

its free.. try it .. and then say its not too intresting..

I call it ART.. attract ppl without BLOOD . Kill somone without cutting his/her head..

beautiful world and nice gameplay... it will be a must buy for me.. because I love RPG and buy consoles for RPG games ..

Antan4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

Very interseting game this, the "poopy" nature is just great IMO. Them multicolour things that grow from the ground look really nice! I wonder if you can water them multicolour things that grow from the ground? The "colour filtering" and "sun flare" look like real life! WOW! This P!SSES all over Forza 2 and the Halo3 beta, as they both look like real life poop!!!! WHOW!!!!!!

Sad POG, very sad. The thing about having both machines and not being such a retarded "fanboy/girl" like your goodself, is that i (and others) can play and see things on both machines and comment without any bias towards any given one machine, fancy that huh?

Oh, and don`t give up your day job btw! Your tremendous explinations of various graphical techniques are an absolute highlight of your posts. Me and my developer friends of the world are up in arms as it appears they have been using the wrong terminology all this time!!!!!!!!!Who would of thought?????

One more thing.....

"Why a non Xbox fan would be so concerned about Xbox news is beyond me".

Why would you say this and then post yourself in a PS3 article???

*cough* two faced *cough*

Best Wishes To One And All........

spacetoilet4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

Because these xbox fangirls are losers, they check out ps3 news and talk sh!t about games they know nothing about. Try it yourself POW! It's FREE!
Just download the demo from...oh I forgot. You have 360.
Well at least it can heat your bedroom and make you feel like your living next to a busy airport.
Keep paying to play peer to peer online, and enjoy Halo 2.1 (3) when its out.

hiptanaka4570d ago

this should do well for the PS3 numbers in Japan no doubt. anything remotely resembling Final Fantasy will entice Japanese gamers.

BTW classic stuff spacetoilet. couldnt have put it any better myself ;)